Reading about Dragoon


No, not the soldiers on horses but rather the ‘other’ landing that occurred in France, 2 months after D-Day ! Operation Dragoon was the concerted effort of the allies to land on the French Riviera coast and form a second front in France. So far a very interesting read, in…

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D-Day Airfields – Book Review


Airfields of the D-Day Invasion Air Force (Paperback) 2nd Tactical Air Force in South-East England in WWII By Peter Jacobs A book for researchers, tourists and history buffs alike ! For most people when we say ‘D-Day’, the pictures of the French beaches, smoke, men running through waves, landing craft…

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New WW2 Book review

2015-10-22-ops in northAf-10942

One of the things I do regularly these days (what with no TV and more time to read in bed and elsewhere) is review books. Yes, for Pen & Sword Publishing from the UK, but also books from other publishers. Lot of fun, and I try to pick books that…

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An Italian mobile phone number


Alright, it took me a year of contemplating, several weeks of googling, and these past two days hours and hours of internet ‘work’ PLUS not one but TWO visits to Marsciano (the nearest town)….. but I now have CHEAP Italian phone number WITH 2 GBb of Internet…… only 10 Euros…

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New WW2 book review – Greece


When looking through the list of new titles I received a while ago from Pen & Sword, this book and its short description caught my eye. For one, I am not intimately familiar with that part of the second world war…. what went on in the Middle East and the…

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Ik ben een cultuurbarbaar


Ik heb geen geduld (meer) voor muziek, ben 3 keer in mijn leven naar het Concertgebouw geweest, krimp in elkaar bij opera, vind Picasso een knoeier en kan niet dansen. Sterker nog, ik werd toen ik een jaar of 14 was na 15 lessen van dansles verwijderd. Volgens mijn danspartner…

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