FS Consortium Formed

Yesterday I was part of a meeting of publishers and other flight simulator parties, discussing what could or should, if anything, be done now that MS has pulled out of that segment of the hobby market. I will report more on the results in a later stage, but suffice to say now that a consortium was formed and will be further set up to promote the use of flight simulator and try and raise/keep awareness of our (potential) customers of the hobby and it’s products and suppliers.

An important ‘by-product’ of that meeting was my (first ever) meeting with Tom Allensworth of Avsim. We have lived in separate worlds ever since I left my volunteer job at Avsim and took up a paid position with simFlight. I guess Tom and I decided at the same time to put our differences aside and that now results in me being back in the Avsim Forums again. I am happy with that and didn’t like the hostile situation over the past 5 or 6 years (how time flies).

So if anything, THAT was a good outcome of the meeting already. Hopefully we’ll see more positive results when weeks pass….. I’ll keep you posted !

Meanwhile I’ve buitl up yet another backlog of work, mainly due to the wedding and subsequent move abroad of our daughter…. she and her husband leave on a plane for Aruba tomorrow morning and ince I’m back from the airport I can finally pick up WORK again……. Phew !!!


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  1. I’m a huge fan of harmony, so that’s excellent news, Francois. It does my heart good to think you all you guys getting together to promote and grow the hobby. Good on you, all of you!

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