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I reported about them last year on simFlight I think, and I found this wonderful little video on Youtube today. Actually, this aicraft looks a LOT like the freeware amphibian by Simon Smeiman, published on Silver Cloud recently.

Check out the ICON FUN !


An interesting and hair raising experience for the pilot of this vintage Yakovlevl Yak-50 when he loses oil pressure, and subsequently the engine (and gear), flying over the Lake District in England. Live with the pilot who wore a helmet cam and see how he puts the old plane safely in a field near Bothel.

… alone in the scale modeling department of the Luchtvaart Hobbyshop (or Aviation Megastore) near Schiphol airport. And that’s not all. They also have some 5400+ books and magazines, 4500+ collector’s models, 600 flightsim items (software and hardware) and much more. Over 60.000 aviation products in all.
Visiting the shop in Aalsmeerderbrug always is a dangerous proposition and is guaranteed to cost you money! But oh so much fun!

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Yeah, I’ve been lured into Youtube again. The F-14 is one of my favorite jets, coming just after the Phantom, and whenever I see it mentioned in a news blurb I check in on it. Here’s a great little video by ‘privateMartin’ of some carrier operations involving the F-14. I stood on such a deck a few months ago and I can tell you; it is just awesome!

If you are a simmer like me, then you probably are also looking for aviation websites with some regularity. Here’s one with tons of information, called FlightGlobal.

When you’re a member of the Boeing World Design Team you’ll get frequent updates on what they are working on. One such project is the new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. The venerable 747 ‘Jumbo’ is not dead yet and on these pages you can see what they’re building in Seattle! There’s a live webcast on Feb 13th at 19:00 GMT about the developments.

One of my Facebook friends posted THIS LINK to an interesting video showing a new airship developed by Lockheed Martin. This particular design is totally autonomous and doesn’t need mooring masts and other ground support to take off and land. It also features hovercraft technology and really is a hybrid between airship and aircraft. Hey, this also might be an interesting flightsim model for someone !?

Mahindra, the Indian company that many of us know for building a Jeep Wrangler ‘clone’ is in fact a huge company, now aiming to shoot down Cessna and its world dominance by providing an alternative to the venerable 172’s. The alternative will at least be 20% cheaper, according to sources. Not sure if 20% would have lured (potential) aircraft owners in the past, but in the current economic climate, it might well do so !
Mahindra is also building a new prop commuter based on the Nomad. More info on their own website here.

According to various sources on the Internet Moscow’s main airport Domodedovo was rocked by a major explosion in the international terminal, killing at least 23 people and wounding many more. The BBC speaks of a suicide bombing, other sources have not confirmed this yet, but it sounds probable. More info on the BBC here.

The Personal Air Vehicle of aircraft designer Carter, is actually flying. As a tweet by the Dutch aviation news blog ‘luchtvaartnieuws’ shows it is based on a small craft called the CarterCopter. Interesting design for sure!
More information on Carter Aviation Technologies can be found here.

A Dutch Air Force F-16 was used to inspect some of the river dikes in the south of the country. Because of increasing high water in the main rivers, coming from France, Switzerland and Germany, there is a critical situation in many parts of the country. The F-16 used an advanced Infrared Camera Pod (also used in Afghanistan to search for roadside bombs) to check on the situation of the dikes.

Discovery Channel has made a series of flying in Alaska, called ‘Flying Wild Alaska’ that is all about the sort of flying many of us simpilots here love so much. Getting in and out of vast expanses of dangerous nature, taking in its beauty and battling its perils. The 10-part series starts being broadcast-ed TODAY. Read all about it HERE!

Aaron Rezzonico has published his book ‘Flying and Landing in a Mountainous Environment’, or in other words, a Glacier Flying Manual! It is written in English, has 130 pages and is printed in the large A4 format. It comes together with a CD and can be ordered from the author via his email.

The lease company CIT Aerospace just ordered no less than 38 Boeing 737’s, making it the first big order for Boeing in 2011. Included are 15 737-900ER’s en 23 737-800’s. This is CIT’s largest order at Boeing so far, and all aircraft should be delivered by 2017, so there’s some time to go still. CIT leases some 300 aircraft to various companies.

Airbus is working on building the Airbus A330 as a tanker aircraft for (among others) the RAF. Recently tests were done and F-18’s of the Spanish air force were being refueled in the air from the Airbus taker. Pictures of that action and the Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) can be seen here.

Silver Cloud Publishing has released a number of friendly priced Aviation Calendars for fans of flight. The first batch for 2011 have one photo on them, and 12 tear-off sheets for every month. They are printed on glossy, 12 point paper and measure 11″ x 17″. At $ 6,49 (excluding postage) they are a nice gift (to yourself?) for the flightsim ‘den’ or office. There will also be some 13-picture calendars on sale soon. See the entire collection here.

A group of  retired aviators in France (Luçon on the Atlantic coast) is building a 3/4 scale Mosquito that is almost ready for its maiden flight. They are part of a French organization that has set its goal on safeguarding historic aircraft by reproductions and restorations. Read more on the EEA website here.

The last Duxford show had no less than 16 Spitfires fly together, something that doesn’t happen all too often these days. There are MANY videos on YouTube showing this. I picked just one of the better shots for my post. (It seems that just about anyone has a video cam these days, but the days of actually learning how to USE such a bit of kit are numbered. )

Here’s a link with a search on ’16 spitfires’ showing more YouTube videos.

This one isn’t too bad and at least provides a good impression of the display !

Today I read about THIS company all the way down in New Zealand, specialized in restoring vintage aircraft and warbirds. Maybe not so special, but what certainly IS special is that they are well underway to get a true DeHavilland Mosquito in active flying state again !!!!

Check out their website here !

It doesn’t happen often, but it CAN happen. When Alaska Airlines Flight 68, bound for Seattle, was about to lift off from Sitka Airport an eagle wasn’t watching and got sucked into the left engine of the Boeing 737-400. Fortunately there was enough runway left and the pilots were able to stop the aircraft with 3000 feet to spare. Passengers were later ferried to another aircraft, because the stricken Boeing was out of action until repairs could be made.

Nobody got hurt, except of course the unfortunate eagle.  More here.

(picture courtesy of First People).

Want to see 100 Piper Cubs flocked together on one airfield? Care to take in a flour bombing contest? Interested in learning how short a runway a Piper Cub REALLY needs to land on? Then you want to visit Lompoc Municipal Airport and join in the festivities of the 26th annual West Coast Piper Cub Fly-in. Saturday 27th is the day not to be missed! Parking and admission is free and you’ll find Lompoc (KLPC) in California. Check out the AirNav data on location and facilities here.

Found on the EAA Oshkosh site ( of my friend Hal was this snippet of news about a new Ultralight company starting up. One thing that is truly amazing to us Europeans is the lack of rulings for ultralight ‘pilots’. I put this in quotes, because in the US apparently ‘just anybody’ can fly an ultralight and no knowledge, skills or permits are needed. That’s ridiculous of course….. but then again, we’re just SO jealous !

Oh, back to the original story; Star Flight Aircraft blog can be found here!

Historic Flight Foundation has worked 6 years to get this wonderful DC-7B back to where it belongs: in the AIR !!!

Some news from our own workshop:

Good news for the Super Cub X fans out there. Simon Smeiman, the author of our Cub, has been working hard to not only fix a few problems that popped up after release, but also in adding a number of great new features!

Some of the corrections include a new face of the VSI gauge, correction of the compass, fixed cockpit interior seams, and stabilizer texture fix. Read the rest of this entry »