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Discovery Channel has made a series of flying in Alaska, called ‘Flying Wild Alaska’ that is all about the sort of flying many of us simpilots here love so much. Getting in and out of vast expanses of dangerous nature, taking in its beauty and battling its perils. The 10-part series starts being broadcast-ed TODAY. Read all about it HERE!

Francois Dumas, owner of FSAddon Publishing, writes on his website that “……. I can’t give you ANY indication about WHEN it will be published, but I have made up my mind and it WILL be free. I’ll have to recoup the investments done over the past 6 years in another way. It is tough, and unfair too. It is no fun at all being let down by ‘friends’. But I don’t want to let all my efforts – AND that of many Emma fans !! –  go down the drain.

The Lysander: Secret Operations was a pet project that took me 5 years and a loss to get it published. Emma Field X will go the same way. ‘Giving up’  just doesn’t show up in my vocabulary.
‘Emma Field’ is a trademark officially sold by LAGO to FSAddon Publishing and that’s where it will stay, no matter what people will throw at us.

FSAddon is a Dutch company, we’re used to weathering storms, being small but staying afloat nonetheless. …”.

A number of well-known people from the FS community have already voiced their support for the new initiative.